Welcome to Retirement

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A Message From Robert Price - Director of WBIA

Greetings fellow Retirees!

My name is Rob Price and if you are retired or retiring, we have a unique website that we want you to look at and use.

Just so you know, roughly 16% of the Canadian population is retired…a growing number that is
projected to reach 22% by 2030.

In the USA the percentages are similar with 10,000 Americans retiring each day. Isn’t that staggering? What are all these retirees doing?

Well, at least 20% of them return or continue to work…and that holds true for both Canadians and
Americans. So, let’s just dive into this a little more:

We work all our lives to sock away enough funding to retire and 1/5 of us don’t even follow through with it in the end…there are folks even working past 70 and beyond. Many are working still back at the same company that they retired from…

Have you ever noticed how many seniors are working at Home Depot? What’s with that? I asked my older brother (a Plant Electrician for over 30 years at one company) what he is going to do after retirement, and he said he wants to actually work at Home Depot…a minimum wage job.

Now I know that this isn’t everyone’s plan. Personally, I have an endless fridge list of things to do that started last summer with getting a fridge to work to subsequently post my list on at our cottage.

Over the next year, we will talk with working retirees and even companies like Home Depot to get an understanding of what is going on here, as clearly there are retirees working that do not even financially have to work.

And that brings us to this website and its purpose. It’s totally dedicated to Retirement. We have started with some ideas…a Chat group, the Project Tab where you can post your home project/artwork or even promote your music.

Want to read someone’s work or let someone else read a story or poem that you
wrote? you can do it here!

Need some help determining financially if you can retire, well we have
listings of resources and we will be chatting with some experts in the future on this.

If you are looking at retirement and want to go back to work for your current employer, we uniquely host a program called “rehirement” that allows you to do exactly that and (when during the year you want to do it).

Do you have a marketable field of expertise like an Engineer, and you still want to work
seasonally? Contact us and we will see if we can set you up.

From these employment opportunities and embedded advertising, we hope to fund more Retiree
offerings like snow birding trials and opportunities to network with each other.

So, use what we have now. Stay tuned for more in the future… and welcome to retirement!