Church Pews for Cottage Seating

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Project Description

We wanted a unique seating option for a screened in deck at our camp and we found some Church Pews for sale online. The challenge was that the Pews were 7.5 ft long and our table was only 6 ft. Seat cushions as well are only available in 6 ft lengths so we had to cut up our new pews that were very old. We found in our vintage, the pews had routered ends to fit the wooden seat and back- not sure how this was done back in the day in solid oak. The ends were not glued but they did have some nails in them to secure them and shims were used to ensure a tight fit. The ends came off with a few taps with a sledge hammer and block. We cut off the bench and glued on the end piece. We did not keep the kneelers attached as the benches are very heavy. The mid support was also reused that we simply screwed on, midway, with the original screws.

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