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Retirees, including those near retirement, that are looking to scale down work (or re-enter the workforce), register online to provide us with the information that we need to have in order to find them work in their field of expertise. 

When an employee of a company (and the company itself) have agreed to the employee transitioning into a trainer/mentor role (before retirement), they’re placed in our Fast-Track program. This type of relationship can be identified when completing the online registration form. WBIA then connects with the company and the arrangements are made. 

For some time now, the rehirement concept has been something we wanted to do. WBIA’s other current focus is to prevent unplanned maintenance for our industrial clients by engaging their employees in unique detailed reliability inspections. The inspection data is used by staff workers to prevent failure and to improve plant performance.  We coach clients on removing the barriers between staff and front line workers by providing a platform that gets both sides working together. We want to broaden our scope to help retirees who want to stay active in the workforce, yet still want to take time to enjoy life. Statistics show a large percentage of retirees still hold debt. We believe there is a market for retiree expertise; Both our inspection business and the rehirement concept are very unique and both deal with helping others to improve.

When you register with us you indicate when you would like to start and end your next work term. You can also indicate full or part-time hours (how many hours/week).

Once you are matched to a job, WBIA Ltd. will cover you. You may have to take specific safety courses to re-enter the workforce in some cases. We will help you meet any requirements. You will work under WBIA Ltd.

Your rehirement position, in all likeliness, doesn’t exist yet. We have to pay WBIA employees to go out and sell the rehirement concept along with our applicants to companies that may embrace the idea. The processing fee pays for us to do this work. Do not confuse us with headhunters who are paid a fee to find a candidate that is hired to fill an advertised position.  Note that the processing fee of $25 (which includes applicable taxes) is refundable, when we obtain work for you.

*Note: for those who are uncomfortable using online purchases, the registration form can be printed out, completed and sent to us with your resume and a cheque/money order to:
Western Business Improvement Advisors Ltd.
28 Carson Rd,
Regina, SK,
S4R 6K1

We assume you can put a value on your expertise level and that you have a feel on what companies will pay for your services. So you set your rate on our registration form. We will add on our costs to cover you and to our administrative costs – payroll/ deductions, submissions, etc.

Not likely. Our placements are term based. They are also often part-time as well. Most of our positions will be coaching/mentoring and filling in for vacation or for when extra help is temporarily required.


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