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Below are 5 common scenarios we hear from Retirees in the WBIA program.

Scenario 1

Extra Income.

“I like the WBIA concept of Rehirement. It allows me to still travel south for most of the winter and drive newer vehicles. I set my own availability dates and WBIA finds me work in new environments each time. It keeps me technically challenged, something I worried about when I retired as I really didn’t have much for hobbies.”

Scenario 2

Steady Transition into Retirement.

“I’m not actually retired yet but I used WBIA’s ‘Fast Track’ strategy that has been allowing me to slowly transition into retirement. When I notified our HR department that I was looking into retirement, they wondered if I would be willing to come back part-time to slowly step away from my position. Fast Track is for these exact situations. On my part, this is a GREAT win for myself and the company, and I am able to work when required as I “step” into retirement.”

Scenario 3

Opportunities to Mentor.

“I cannot financially retire yet. I was laid off by my long term employer when the economy dipped. Rehirement has allowed me to continue to work in a number of industries mentoring tradesmen in ‘precision maintenance’ aspects. I have some buddies in the same situation as me – they are old enough to retire but financially they have had some challenges to pull in enough along the way. I’m glad I am working as there seems to be some positive mental  and physical ‘spin offs’ of staying in the workforce.”

Scenario 4


“When I retired from Supervising Trades, I thought I would never work again. But 6 months in, I was not only driving my wife crazy, I also became bored – real bored. Just 2 days a week back at my old company I retired from, I am auditing Bill or Materials for Procurement, and verifying Procedures for Operations and Maintenance based on OEM recommendation”

Scenario 5

Fulfilled Purpose.

“I was prepared Financially to retire but I underestimated the negative aspects of Retirement. I found that when you no longer work, people seem to think you are not as valuable and they assume you are just no longer “in the loop”. I knew my position at work very well, as I basically created and developed that position over many years of service, so I was well respected. I still have a lot to offer, as many companies still have to be mentored in the systems that I previously implemented. I’ve discovered something opposite of when I left the workforce – grey hair gets immediate respect when it’s back in the work place.”

Scenario 6

Complete Flexibility.

“I was still in pretty good physical shape, so I decided to work seasonally to keep topping up my Government pension plan. It worked out well, as my previous employer needed help during the summer vacation season and we prefer to vacation in the Winter”

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