Remote Go-Karting

So, if you like movies like Mad Max, Water World and Death Race, you probably are a gadget type guy like me. I also like NASCAR Racing so my idea was to combine everything into a new racing platform that allows racers to race their cars remotely, ultimately from anywhere in the world and with enough onboard destruction type devices that would make it interesting. So I bought 2 go karts, thinking that if I could get these to work that I could just move everything to a car. One kart is the one that you sit in (Transmitter Kart) and drive the other (Receiver Kart). This set up is good for a separation of 1-2 miles for the 2 karts. There is a slight delay in actions so you have to consider that when driving. We have had crashes and learned a lot. I have build a Flame Thrower but I removed it until we get the system to work reliably. The Receiver kart is quite complex using both air cylinders and Electric Cylinders. So I have to run a compressor and an alternator to keep stuff going. When we move it all over to a car, I will update this post…

I am open to suggestions/advice on this project… as I run this Website, you can contact me though this site. Everyone will have a different Retirement. I think its projects like this for me, that keep me up to date on technology and have a few laughs at the same time. I have a few more photos…

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