Well another town I said in my head,

And by the looks of things, it looked kind of dead.

But I rode in anyhow, to find what I could see,

For things for me, were kind of rough for me.


The people in the town, their eyes all glared,

It was at my horse that they all stared.

For legs you see, she only had 3,

One was blown off, just above the knee.


And at my clothes, they stared in a trance,

For at the last town, I forgot my pants.

And my jacket was ripped, cause I fell off my horse,

And I dragged behind him over a very rough course.


Finally, the bar I finally found,

And my horse passed out and fell to the ground.

While crawling to the bar, I heard some talk,

There was going to be a robbery at 12 o’clock.


These guys got up and said it was time to run.

I decided to follow to see how its done.

They all walked out in a kind of a line,

They got on their horses and stepped on mine.


When they were gone away, I gave my horse a punch,

But his mind seemed to be, a little out to lunch.

I got my pride, I’m not one that begs,

But one of those guys, broke his other 3 legs.


I got him balanced , the best I could

And I jumped on the saddle, when he looked pretty good.

We caught the gang, they were waiting the train,

So I let my horse rest, to relieve some pain.


Suddenly the train came around the bend

And I kept an eye on, all of the men.

They were all just a sittin’ on their horses backs,

Down in the bushes by the side of the tracks.


The train drove by and the rode out of the trees

And they circled the train, like a swarm of bees.

The climbed aboard and took over the train,

And the rich peoples pockets, they did drain.


Well, that was easy, I said in my head,

And with no other ways to earn some bread.

I knew in another hour, there would be,

Another train, that would be robbed by me.


So I took my horse, down to the track,

And there I laid him, on his back.

They’d stop the train to move my horse,

And then I’d jump on it and rob it , of course.


And I cocked my rifle and put in a BB

And I waited for the train, that belonged to me.

Finally smoke came over the hill,

So I tied my horse down so she sit still.


I waited in the bush for my very first crime,

And the horn bellowed only one time.

Then there was a grinding of teeth and bones,

And the sounds of the tracks and my horses moans.


That dude in the train, ran over my mule,

I never seen a guy that seemed so cruel.

I lifted my horse, and I jumped on her back,

And I dug in my spurs and  I gave ‘er a whack!


We were catching the train until it picked up speed,

It was a little bit quicker than my trusty old steed.

Four miles back I gave her a spur,

And that seemed to increase the speed in her.


So I did it again, and again once more,

I did it until, we reached the door.

of the last car that was on the train,

Then my horses power, seem to drain.


And I ran out of flesh to dig my spurs in

It looked as though the train would win.

I stretched my grip and grabbed the knob,

And climbed aboard, my train to rob.


And I tied my horse, so he couldn’t get away,

And I walked in the door and began to say…

“Stick em up” but I was truly amazed,

It was all full of cattle, who all just grazed.



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